30 KD

Great Oud, an Oriental Mukhalat, is an olfactory journey through the rich tap
estry of the East.
At the top, lavender, incense, and saffron intertwine in opulent harmony. The heart
reveals a sultry dance of jasmine, rose, and the legendary oud, evoking tales of ancient
realms. In the base, a luxurious finale unfolds with amber, supple leather, tonka's sweet
warmth, labdanum's resinous embrace, and the subtle heartbeat of musk.
This fragrance is a timeless narrative, weaving together elegance, mystery, and the allure
of exotic lands.

Top:     Lavender, Incense, Saffron
Heart: Jasmine, Rose, Oud
Base:   Amber, Leather, Tonka, Labdanum, Musk

Fabriqué En France                                 Eau De Parfum

Made In France                                       Vaporisateur Spray

e100Ml                      70% Vol                 3.3FL.OZ

Note : Shipping only in UAE 

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